Rental Prices

Established 1971

"The Economical

Jukebox event rentals
in Los Angeles, Orange
and Ventura counties.

P.O. Box 950806
Mission Hills,
CA 91395

Jukebox Rental Prices

Model "OMT"
"One More Time"
45 - RPM Vinyl
100 Selections
(50 Records)
Bluetooth Connectivity
(within 9.9 miles)

59-inches high
32-inches wide
26-inches deep
weight 335 pounds

1955 Seeburg
Model "J"

45 - RPM Vinyl
100 Selections
(50 Records)
(within 9.9 miles)

59-inches high
36-inches wide
27-inches deep
weight 340 pounds

Model "OMT"
"One More Time"
Compact Disc
Over 1,000 Selections
(50 CD's)
Bluetooth Connectivity
(within 9.9 miles)

60-inches high
33-inches wide
27-inches deep
weight 300 pounds

1975 Rockola
Model "459"

45 - RPM Vinyl
100 Selections (50 Records)
(within 9.9 miles)

47-inches high
35-inches wide
24-inches deep
weight 290 pounds


Jukebox rental prices
are for residential
deliveries within
9.9 miles of our
Mission Hills location.
If beyond 9.9 miles,
use the chart below.
Call for pricing of
deliveries to locations
other than homes.

Call or e-mail us first
to confirm availability
for your event date.


Our address is:
P.O. Box 950806
Mission Hills,
CA 91395

Determine the
mileage between
your jukebox
DELIVERY location
and our address.
Use the mileage
number in the
chart below.


To determine the distance
from Jukeboxes For Rent
to your rental location:

1. Highlight and copy our
address: PO BOX 950806

2. Go to the Google Maps page.

3. At the upper left side of
the page, paste our address
in the appropriate box.

4. In the other box
put in your location
and address.

5. Press "Get Directions" button
to generate your mileage.


Add charge listed below
(according to your mileage)
to jukebox rental rate
shown above
(your choice of jukebox)
for the price of
your jukebox rental:


Delivery charge

10.0 to 10.9
11.0 to 11.9
12.0 to 12.9
13.0 to 13.9
14.0 to 14.9
15.0 to 15.9
16.0 to 16.9
17.0 to 17.9
18.0 to 18.9
19.0 to 19.9


20.0 to 20.9
21.0 to 21.9
22.0 to 22.9
23.0 to 23.9 
24.0 to 24.9
25.0 to 25.9
26.0 to 26.9
27.0 to 27.9
28.0 to 28.9
29.0 to 29.9



Delivery charge

30.0 to 30.9
31.0 to 31.9
32.0 to 32.9
33.0 to 33.9
34.0 to 34.9
35.0 to 35.9
36.0 to 36.9
37.0 to 37.9
38.0 to 38.9
39.0 to 39.9


40.0 to 40.9
41.0 to 41.9
42.0 to 42.9
43.0 to 43.9
44.0 to 44.9
45.0 to 45.9
46.0 to 46.9
47.0 to 47.9
48.0 to 48.9
49.0 to 49.9



After the first 9.9 miles,
each additional mile is
charged at the rate of
$5 per mile.
If you're beyond the chart,
give us a call and
we'll work with you
on the price.


Prices accompanying the photos
of the various jukebox models
reflect simple deliveries within
a 9.9 mile radius of our
Mission Hills
(San Fernando Valley) office.
This is a one time,
one way charge even
though it includes
2 round trips.


We accept:

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Any questions about all things
Jukeboxes For Rent ģ
can be directed to:

Sample Jukebox
Rental Invoice

Rental Information

1.  The basic price for jukebox rental includes:  delivery and pickup of a clean, good looking, great sounding jukebox by an experienced/courteous/mechanically inclined  person, for a 12 hour period as well as a 24-hour emergency cell number, a full size pickup truck equipped with lift gate, travel time (2 round trips), insurance and gasoline.

2.  We've attempted to make our prices fair and affordable for everyone.  In computing them, we've taken into consideration our labor costs, difficulty transporting a particular model, number of selections and each modelís desirability.

3.  All jukebox rentals are to be Paid In Full Upon Delivery.  Before you're name's put on our calendar, you need to get us a deposit.  It can be in the form of a check mailed or hand delivered to us or with a credit card over the phone.  Call us to get the address of where to mail your check.  A deposit check is returned when our equipment is surrendered back to us in the same condition as when delivered.  Credit card deposits can be returned in the form of a company check either in person or through the mail.

4.  Please make all checks out to:  Jukeboxes For Rent.

5.  In the event you won't be there to accept delivery, as is sometimes the case with hotels and banquet facilities, arrangements must be made in advance by either mailing the amount due or with a credit card over the phone.  Someone will need to sign acceptance of the jukebox.

6.  There is a substantial extra charge for us to pick the unit up between 7 pm and 10 am.  Normal pickup is at our discretion and can be the next day or even a day or two later.

7.  Please be upfront in your description of the delivery circumstances.  Please don't surprise us with anything that will have us unprepared when we arrive.  That's when costs can go up.

8.  You need to tell us in advance of any surface we must take the jukebox across that isn't smooth.  A good way to judge this is to imagine having to ROLLER SKATE over the surface.  Steep driveways can also be difficult. If we have to go across other than "skate-able surfaces", the initial cost is $10 minimum each time.  This includes but is not limited to:  Lawn, gravel, dirt, flag stones in the ground, non-smooth brick, wood or stone surfaces.  A hand truck is used in these instances.

9.  Anything over 2-inches is considered a STEP.  The first step is free.  If steps are not together as in STAIRS, than they are charged at the rate of $3 each per use.

9a.  When steps are one after another, as in stairs, they will require 2 or more people or the use of our 72-inch long by 39 - inch wide ramp.  The charge for the ramp is $15 each time used.  The steps must be at least 39-inches wide the entire length.

10.  Steps at a doorway or gate can be very difficult and might require the use of the long ramp.  The gate must be 39-inches wide.

11.  The width of a gate over lawn must be at least 35-inches wide for our narrowest jukebox.

12.  If not informed of a step or steps in advance, the first step can cost up to $15 (at our discretion).

13.  Costs can be reduced, where other than "skate-able" surfaces are present, by providing us with capable, physical help for both the delivery and pickup at the location.  Keep in mind, jukeboxes weigh between 300 and 350 pounds.

14.  If we are asked to perform other services, required to wait to perform our service or to return at another time, the charge is $1 per minute ($60 per hour). 

15.  Jukeboxes cannot be left in the sun or rain.  Records damaged from exposure to the sun cost $10 each.  CDís are $20 each.

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