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Christmas - Traditional

Click on the year to start picking your music selections.

Music Catalog Key

C/W - Country/Western
(I) - Instrumental
++ - New Year's Eve Theme

Music Selection Instructions For 45 - RPM Jukeboxes

Pick 50 NUMBERS that coincide with the YEAR/NUMBER from our catalog pages, as shown below.

Separately list another 5 alternate NUMBERS.

Here are a few different ways of how you can send us your music selections:

1.  The easiest way to select music from our 45 - rpm online catalog is to copy and paste using Microsoft WORD.  You can simply copy the entire page, being sure to include the years AND the numbers, paste them on a page then delete the songs you don't want.  Or, you can just copy and paste the tunes you want, along with the years and numbers. 

Then send your choices in an email to

2.  Print pages from our website, highlight your choices and then mail them to us.  Call 1-818-366-9400 for our mailing address and to tell us to look out for them.

3. Print pages from our website and FAX them to us.  (no more than 5 pages, please).  Circle or mark your choices but DO NOT highlight them. Call us first to get our FAX #, so we can make sure it's on.

4. Hand write or type your selections on sheets of paper and then FAX them to us.  (no more than 5 pages, please).  List the year and beside it the number of the song (s).  To prevent errors, it's a good idea to note at least part of the song title.


1955 - Jukeboxes For Rent

5.  Rock around
15.  Be bop

13.  Heartbreak

1965 - Jukeboxes For Rent

6.  My girl
28.  Yesterday

1986 - Jukeboxes For Rent

155.  Amanda
179.  Control

2001 - Jukeboxes For Rent

13.  Drops

15.  Crazy
18.  Butterfly

These jukeboxes hold 50 records, which is 100 selections both sides.  Remember these are those little 7 - inch, 45's with one tune on each side.

If both sides of a record were hits, the flip side is also shown.

You can request songs not in the catalog at any additional cost of $5 each.

If you request that we pick the music for you it may cost between $25 and $50 extra, depending upon how particular the music need be.

Although we have many years experience we assume no responsibility for the appropriateness of the selections made.  We prefer, by far, you selecting your music.

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